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FF Systembau - the company

Modern and experienced company

FF Systembau is one of the leading producers of access panels. Founded in 1991 the company's experience in the construction industry has greatly expanded its product lines to supply the market. In 2003 it has specialized in the manufacturing of access panels and doors.


Further companies have been established in Central Estern Europe and in the United States. With the headquarters located in Münchsdorf Germany our production and administration offices are also located on our 5 000 m² site.


The highest technical reliability of our products, as well as the highly qualified employees, guarantee the sustainable success of FF Systembau. At present, the company employs more than 150 members of staff.

Versatile and innovative product range!

Our unique range of products offers access panels in the widest selection of designs. Whether for ceilings or walls, the solid aluminium acces panels, with or without plasterboard inlay, or the long-established sheet steel access panels, can be assembled flush.


Our products are readily installable without any difficulties. The access panels are available in many standard dimensions. Additionally, customized sizes can be manufactured to every requested dimension. This also applies to our fire resistant access panels. Different models are available, depending on purpose, and class of fire resistance required.


The product range is completed by access doors, which are produced in accordance with the customer's specifications.


Fire Protection – Your specialist!

Fire-resistant revision access panels for ceilings and walls are  developed by FF Systembau to satisfy wide range of individual requests.  No matter, whether the need is for 30 minutes EI30 (I30), 45 minutes EI45 (I45), 60 minutes EI60 (I60), 90 minutes EI90 (I90) or 120 minutes (I120) fire resistancy.  We also offer a wide variety of fire resistant shaft and floor hatches for specific use (applications).

Quality - consistent company policy!

The highest product quality and absolute reliability of our products guarantee total confidence to the customer when installing our access panels. Therefore, FF Systembau has become a byword for quality managment, and we strive to maintain a consistent company policy at all our subsidiaries. Every member of our staff loyally adheres to this policy, from the moment our raw materials are proccessed, to the delivery of the finished product. Furthermore, our dedicated and helpful advisors will give you all the advice and practical support your require.

Environmental sustainability - Product statement (EPD)

Environmental sustainability is an integral part of FF Systembau company policy.  Therefore, FF Systembau obtained an environmental statement about the product (EPD) according to DIN ISO 14025 and EN 15804 for certification according to DGNB, BNB, LEED or BREEAM.

Our ambition

It is our aim to reach the highest degree of customer satisfaction through variety and efficiency.


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